The Best Iloilo Video You Will Ever See

Last month, Iloilo’s renowned team of aerial cinematographers, HeliCam Philippines, released their What’s ⬆︎Up Iloilo Vol.1 video. And it is the best one yet!

ILOILO: A Fast-Rising Metropolis

There is no doubt that this bustling metropolis is making a name as the next center of investments, economic affluence, and development; a city of opportunity that is shaping the future of Western Visayas. Read more

Top 3 Major Developments in Iloilo City: Head-to-Head

Welcome to the city of tower cranes, Iloilo City.

For resident Ilonggos, these cranes are regarded with pride — taking them as symbols of progress and abundance. For tourists, the prevalent sight of these metal structures gradually building the beautiful concrete jungle is awe-inspiring.

At this rate of urban development, considering Iloilo City as progressive is a total understatement.

Let’s take a closer look at 3 of the most anticipated mixed-use developments in Iloilo City. Read more

Differences between Iloilo Business Park Condos

I guess you have already heard about the several condominium projects here in Iloilo. These condos are from real estate giants such as Megaworld, Ayala, Filinvest, and Double Dragon (Injap).

Surely, investing in one of these properties is a smart financial move but it’s understandable for a judicious investor to think deeply about his choices — which condo to choose?

We don’t have all day to mull over these projects so we’ll just cover the top 3 condominiums and how they would differ from each other. This would definitely help you choose the one that suits you.

Condo Comparison:
One Madison Place VS Lafayette Park Square VS The Palladium

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Iloilo Projects and Development: Year In Review

These are city developments, achievements, projects, and motions in 2014 that could directly impact Metro Iloilo’s economy in the next coming years.

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Iloilo Condos For Sale – Top 7 Residences in Iloilo City

Iloilo City is up there with Cebu, Davao, and its neighbor Bacolod when it comes to urban development. The home of the Ilonggos is arguably more progressive than Bacolod and Davao, and has more potential than the pioneering Cebu.

Recently, condominium developments are everywhere in the city. If you have gone to Manila and traveled its majestic urban landscape, you are already aware of how essential condominiums are to thriving metropolitan areas.

Iloilo City is progressing in leaps and bounds and condominiums are just part of the progress. They provide better residential options for Ilonggos which also augment the city’s economic activity and improve the quality of urban life.

As of date, here are the top 7 condominium developments in Iloilo City:
(updated: October 26, 2015)

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