Grand Launching Event

The word is out!

SAINT DOMINIQUE is the latest condominium to grace Iloilo Business Park!

It’s a kind of lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of, a vision of luxury that you’ve been longing for, and a kind of experience you need to embrace, with all your heart and passion, this is your dream lifestyle made into reality.

Parisian Lifestyle. Transport yourself into the busy yet captivating street of Paris, the Rue Saint Dominque, one of the city’s most affluent districts where upscale shophouses, boutiques, retails shops, hotels and other gorgeous metropolitan attractions are found. Here, you’re a destined to tell your story of charm, elegance and sweet romance, all for your heart’s delight.

Try to wake up in the morning and see the radiant sunlight touch the ground. You’re in the “City of Love,” in Iloilo City right in the heart of the vibrant Iloilo Business Park… but it feels like you’re in Paris, in Rue Saint Dominique. See the Festive Walk Parade and its classy shops and boutiques imitate the ambiance of Paris – busy yet teeming with passionate energy and faces.

Imagine Paris. Imagine more than just the eye-catching scenery and serene ambiance, see the bright side of life and live in style. Megaworld gives you the “feel of Paris” with this astonishing 11-storey residential condominium tower that offers stunning lifestyle amenity deck. Dip your tired body in its life-invigorating swimming pool and view the beautiful sight of the city. Embrace fitness and relax in the gym or enjoy an outdoor spa session. Meet and chat your visitors at the gorgeous main lobby complete with Paris-inspired interior facade. Commune with nature and treasure life’s best moments at The Atrium. After a hectic day’s work, sleep in pure luxury and incomparable comfort in your gorgeous condominium unit overviewing the bright lights of the golden city.


This July 22, 2017, 6PM at Iloilo Business Park Sales and Information Center, embrace the most beautiful evening in the township. Come and see the spectacle we’ve prepared for your heart’s desire!

Timeless Passion is alive: SAINT DOMINIQUE!