The Different Faces of Lafayette Park Square

Lafayette Park Square, the latest luxury residential condominium project of Megaworld in Iloilo Business Park, is a thing of beauty both in facade and its interior. The design inspiration is definitely European –- specially integrated with French and Spanish architectural styles.

Here are some projections and images of Lafayette Park Square, see why living there is aptly dubbed as,
“A Lifestyle of Charm and Elegance”

Lafayette Square Park

Lafayette Park Square, a 16-storey luxury residential building that will not only make you look up in awe but also nod for approval.

Lafayette Park Square is projected to be among of the tallest buildings in the city. For a luxury condo in Iloilo city, this Megaworld project is as luxurious as it gets: 16 floors above ground, retail/commercial area on the ground floor, 3rd floor amenity deck, and residential units from 4th to 16th floor.

Lafayette Morning

Early Morning Sunrise at Lafayette Park Square in Iloilo Business Park

Mornings are great for Lafayette Park Square residents. Staying true to the European architectural inspiration, every unit is provided with a spacious balcony — making residents’ morning cup of coffee even more delightful. Perk up on your unit’s balcony with three possible views:

  • The Benigno Aquino avenue and the sunrise on the southeast
  • The Megaworld boulevard and IBP developments on the northwest
  • The pool and garden of the amenity deck (interior view)

At night, Lafayette Park Square will stand out along Megaworld Boulevard. The interior lights of the structure complements the gorgeous Euro design.

Nights would always be scenic. The beautiful night sky of the city is topped only by the vibrant lights of Iloilo Business Park. Living in Lafayette Park Square provides serenity yet makes you feel alive at the same time.

Beauty on the inside and not only on the outside. Lucky residents of Lafayette Park Square will enjoy the view of the amenity deck in all its

Night shot of the Amenity Deck

Beauty inside and not only on the outside. Lucky residents of Lafayette Park Square will enjoy the view of the amenity deck in all its glory. Seeing other people enjoying and relaxing from the comforts and privacy of your residence is a rewarding experience.


Dusk or Dawn. The thing that shines the most is Lafayette Park Square.

The sunrise and sunset set the mood of your day and night. Lafayette Park Square’s inherent beauty exponentially increases as the early or late rays of the sun hit its mellow and dappled color scheme.

Be one of the privileged few to own a unit at Lafayette Park Square in Iloilo Business Park.

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