So why invest in Iloilo City?

So why invest in Iloilo City?

Historically speaking, Iloilo was the first city outside of Manila to enjoy comfort and convenience that modernization has brought to our country. This is what Ilonggos are experiencing now and more. Being in the heart of the Philippines, it is still one of the gateways to business & trading in local, national and global scene.

Iloilo City is among the top-10 Next Wave Cities since 2009, 3rd in 2013. BPAP, CITC, and DTI mentioned that Iloilo is the most cost-efficient city in the Philippines. They added in 2009 report that our very own city has the lowest average wage, rental and power rates among the other cities.

Being the regional center of Western Visayas, the city offers quality standard education from prestigious universities and state-of-the-art medical facilities in the region. Plus, the agricultural sector is very competitive. The local government also contributes to the development of the road systems, disaster management and tourism.

In a research conducted in 2012 amongst the 122 cities of the Philippines, Iloilo earned a spot in the 20 Most Livable Philippine Cities garnering an average of 82.56%. Five categories were considered: Stability – 25%, Culture & Environment – 25%, Healthcare – 20%, Education – 10% and Infrastructure – 20% (

Furthermore, the study showed that the city ranked 9th among the first class cities that produces young professionals and 5th in having the best infrastructures in the country.

According to Michael S. Ong (March 2013), Iloilo City is on the cusp of an economic boom, having its highly skilled work force being among the best in the country.

Construction, widening and repair of roads & bridges definitely help the smooth flow of traffic within the city which increases the fast transportation and local product trading. Don’t forget that the city now offers international flights that introduce the local market & business projections to the entire world.

New buildings, public and community centers, shopping malls, and other business establishments are gradually rising up which improves on the livelihood and employment of local work force. Real estate developers have constructed different property investment opportunities which add to the assets of the city.

Food and festival are synonymous to Iloilo City. Home of the world-famous Dinagyang and dubbed as the “Festival Capital of the Philippines”, it is one of the attractions the city presents to local & international tourists. This is also their creative way in showing their brand of hospitality and introducing the culture & tradition of the Ilonggos.

With Ilonggos unique dishes and finest delicacies, the city is in the top list among the country’s best. With our very own Lapaz batchoy, biscocho ,pancit Molo, pinasugbo, barquillos, baye-baye and ibus, you would surely come back for more.

The first and the original “Queen City of the South”, Iloilo City has a rich cultural background, booming economy, and with warm, friendly & approachable Ilonggos. The life Iloilo City offers is very simple & serene yet you are situated in a fast growing metropolis that brings more fun to the world.

What more can you ask for in the City of Love? Or shoould we say, “Queen City of the South”?

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