8 Best Iloilo Business Park Photos in Instagram

These are the 8 awesome-st Instagram photos taken in Iloilo Business Park. The beauty of the urban jungle and captures of interesting people.

1) Probably the best Iloilo Convention Center Paraw Shot

No shutterbug can resist the Paraw-inspired look and design of Iloilo Convention Center. We can see countless Instagram photos of the building but not as beautiful and impactful as this one.

With the ICC in the foreground, the flock of birds flying through the glare of the sun is just poetic.

2) From Dusk ’til Dawn: Construction in Iloilo Business Park

Mr. M and his t cranes ready for battle! #iloilo #iloiloBusinessPark #Megaworld

A photo posted by @neil.o.matic on

The mix of yellow, orange, and blue of the sky behind the silhouette of construction cranes and the McDonald’s signage… FASCINATING!

3) Beauties, Bloggers, and Vloggers

And the glamour shots...! #bisita #chongga🐵 #dasofam

A photo posted by Haley Dasovich (@haleydaso) on

The time when Haley Dasovich (@haleydaso) — with his famous YouTuber brother, Wil Dasovich — visited Iloilo and stayed in Richmonde Hotel to shoot this YouTube Video.

4) All in a Day’s Work

A “candid” photo of a pretty woman which we can only assume as one of many young professionals working in Iloilo Business Park. The blurry background of the Megaworld Boulevard and traffic lights take the cake!

6) Richmonde Light Play

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is an elegant building that displays attractive chasing lights at night. This IG photo of @maikelsabido shows the attraction in full bloom.

7) Bikers’ Paradise

Iloilo Business Park supports the “bike-able city” movement. This relatively old and artsy IG photo shows that from the outset, IBP is indeed bike-friendly.

8) Of Pools and Cranes

They said, they wanted me to take "insta-worthy" photos. 😂 The cranes kinda ruined the view. Still though-❤️

A photo posted by Ritzelle Anne Aleks Gallo (@skyre) on

Richmonde Hotel’s infinity pool overlooks the construction of IBP’s Festive Walk Mall. These two had to pause and marvel at the progress below.

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