Differences between Iloilo Business Park Condos

I guess you have already heard about the several condominium projects here in Iloilo. These condos are from real estate giants such as Megaworld, Ayala, Filinvest, and Double Dragon (Injap).

Surely, investing in one of these properties is a smart financial move but it’s understandable for a judicious investor to think deeply about his choices — which condo to choose?

We don’t have all day to mull over these projects so we’ll just cover the top 3 condominiums and how they would differ from each other. This would definitely help you choose the one that suits you.

Condo Comparison:
One Madison Place VS Lafayette Park Square VS The Palladium

One Madison Place

This the very first condo project unveiled by Megaworld in Western Visayas — the pioneer, the one that started it all. Among the three IBP condos, it can be said that it has the best location being situated at the corner of Megaworld Boulevard and Taft road.

The Good: It is also the nearest (just across) to the “Streets of Festive Walk” — a posh and exciting 1.9-kilometer commercial strip. It is also nearest to the Iloilo Business Park’s most anticipated Mall.

One Madison Place condos are low-rise buildings. It is only 10-storeys high — a good thing for people with fear of heights. If you are in a hurry to become a resident of IBP, One Madison Place is for you since it will turnover in 2017.


One Madison Place: The Three Towers (Nearest to the Mall and Commercial Strip)


The Not-So Good: One Madison Place is made up of three buildings. One has its own line of amenities and the other two share another line of amenities. Well, the amenities are promised to be adequate to handle residents but it feels kind of a letdown sharing your amenities with the other building. Others would feel that it’s just fine because of the sense of community it presents.

Depending on how one looks at it, One Madison Place’s lack of vertical presence would make one feel a bit inadequate compared to the towering buildings next to it — Lafayette Park Square, and The Palladium.

Lafayette Park Square

Sensing that Ilonggos need a more elegant, charming, and imposing condominium — Lafayette Park Square was launched. This time, the developer wanted a condo with personality, and nothing oozes more charm and elegance than European architecture.

The Good: Lafayette Park Square features a French and Spanish design. The Spanish facade alone would make you want to stay there with mucho gusto. With its French architecture, couples can’t help but feel that amore is in the air.

The building is 16-storeys high, towering over its predecessor One Madison Place. The amenities are also a big improvement. And it is rather more spacious and definitely more luxurious.

Lafayette Park Square will turnover in 2018.


Lafayette Park Square: Lifestyle of European Elegance and Charm


The Not-So Good: Not much can be said against Lafayette Park Square. It is aesthetic, charming, and affordable but if we have to nit-pick, there’s this tiny issue, the condo is situated in between two other condos.

The Palladium

Imposing and awe-inspiring, this is what The Palladium is about. Truly realizing that Iloilo is a booming city ripe for real estate investments, Megaworld launched the 22-storey tower for the privileged few.

The Good: The Palladium is synonymous with luxury. Nothing in Western Visayas — currently standing or still in the works — can match up with The Palladium. It is exclusive and world-class with the best amenities for its residents.

It is pegged to be the tallest residential project in Western Visayas. It’s amenities include an expansive infinity pool along with the gym, spas, playgrounds, and daycare.

The Palladium is also the only condo outside Luzon which has Skygardens. A perfect feature for the nature lover, and for people who just want to read quietly sitting on a garden above ground.

This condo is also a notch higher when it comes to security. It has Video-phone security system connecting reception/security counter to all units and Security command center for 24-hour monitoring of all building facilities.


The Palladium: Skygarden Lifestyle; The Tallest and Most Luxurious Residential Tower in Western Visayas.


The Not-So Good: Of course, good things come at a price. The Palladium is pricier than the other two condos but for good reason. It will also turnover much later — last quarter of 2019.

Nevertheless, for all its worth as an investment, The Palladium will yield the best bang for your buck.


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