The Best Iloilo Video You Will Ever See

Last month, Iloilo’s renowned team of aerial cinematographers, HeliCam Philippines, released their
What’s ⬆︎Up Iloilo Vol.1 video. And it is probably the best one yet!

What’s ⬆︎Up Iloilo Vol.1 does not only display HeliCam Philippines’ mastery of aerial videography but it also displays their flair for editing and storytelling using mashups of standard and aerial shots.

I could be wrong but this is probably the first video from them in this category with an acted scene which is rather a good thing as it shows more range and dramatic touch.

As expected, the background music is superb and gets you right to the ‘feels’ as you see different parts of Iloilo in a way you have never seen before.

It is obvious that the Helicam Philippines’ passions do not only lie in their technical wizardry but also in their regionalistic love for Iloilo.

Places, Establishments, and Events featured in the video:

  • Urbanscape

    • Local Coffee “LoCo”
    • Food Park at San Jose, Molo
    • Avida Towers and Storeys
    • Length of Gen. Luna St.
    • InJap Tower
    • Iloilo Business Park
    • Megaworld Boulevard
    • SmallVille Complex
    • Business District
  • City & Provincial Landmarks

    • Iloilo International Airport
    • Iloilo Provincial Capitol
    • Iloilo Convention Center
    • Iloilo City Hall
  • Churches & Cathedrals

    Guimbal Church
    Miagao Church
    Jaro Cathedral
    Molo Church

  • Guimaras also had some love

    Guisi Point in Guimaras
    Magic Islan Resort in Guimaras
    MTB Enduro Race Nationals in Guimaras

  • Resorts & Seascape

    • Garin Farm in San Joaquin
    • Fort San Pedro, Iloilo-Guimaras Wharf
    • Iloilo River via Muelle Loney
    • Assembledge Point in San Joaquin
    • Sea Garden Beach Resort in Leganes
  • Festivals, Events, & Competitions

    • IWA Jetski Competition
    • Dinagyang Festival
    • Chinese New Year Celebration
    • Franklin Drilon Dragon Boat Competition
    • Paraw Regatta
  • Nature & Wilderness

    Mount Napulak in Igbaras
    Gines Hill in Maasin
    Brgy. Bucari in Leon

Video credits go to HeliCam Philippines, a service oriented
company, which provides aerial photography and video production.

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