5 Advantages of Iloilo Condo Living

Iloilo City is home to 425,000 Ilonggos. Unlike other major cities such as Manila and Cebu, Iloilo residents has yet to experience luxury condo living. Not surprisingly, Manila is a hotbed of condo development — it’s the capital city after all. Condos are also popping out down south, particularly in Cebu.  

However, Manila has reached the saturation point and Cebu is not the only booming city in the Visayas. It is even said that Cebu had peaked in its economic growth, and steadily catching up, Iloilo City is trying to reclaim its lost glory — “Queen City of the South”. Iloilo City’s progress is undeniably fast. So fast, you can see the city transform before your eyes.

A workforce with global skills attracts businesses, businesses create jobs, high employment rates boost local economy. Iloilo city has all the elements. Investors flock the place and people suddenly want to reside in the city. This resulted in high demand for urban residential properties such as condominiums.

That being said, one is left asking these questions:

“Why should I live in a condo?”

“How would condo living benefit me?”

  1. Lifestyle: Live-Work-Play-Shop-Learn

Developers like Megaworld build condos as part of a township—a major urban development within the city such as Iloilo Business Park. The vision is holistic. The developer situates luxury condos near the workplace, commercial establishments, and institutions. It’s all about convenience. If you live in a condo—going  to the gym, shopping for groceries, or timing-in for work is just a walk away.

  1. Affordability

Contrary to some might believe, condo units are more affordable than traditional house-and-lots. A condominium is a housing structure that is a part of a bigger unit or building and the owner of the condo owns the interiors independently and the other services in the building jointly with other condo owners. In short, there’s no requirement to buy an area of land unlike traditional homes, where you have to purchase the lot and spend tons on house construction—and all that goes with it (e.g. electrical, plumbing).

  1. Amenities

As a condo owner, you basically have a park, recreation area, daycare, pool, playground, gym, and rights to a function room to host your parties and social gatherings. Just think of all you can do and all the money you can save.

  1. Security

Safety within your home is top priority in condos. These buildings usually have tight security measures. Using both trained personnel and CCTV systems, you are always assured that you are safe in the confines of your home. This sense of security is invaluable to entrepreneurs, yuppies, and college students.

  1. Low Maintenance Costs

Sure there may be Homeowners Association fees but these are nothing compared to expenses you might shell out when your plumbing is broken in your home or your lawn is infested. Condo living usually means somebody else is taking care of the exterior maintenance. HOA fees are often used for the condo owner’s benefit such as additional security and maintenance of amenities.

Final word

It’s true that condo living is not for everyone but for the most part, it is a kind of lifestyle that you cannot ignore especially if you are an urban person. If you think that this is the kind of life you wish to live in Metro Iloilo, contact a Condominium Property Consultant (click here) and reserve a unit now.

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